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According to Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, the creators of Hypnosis Downloads, emotional problems work much more on the 'feeling level' than the 'thinking level' which is why just trying to think differently is so hard when trying to lift panic attacks, phobias, or feelings of low self worth. They use hypnosis to help you feel different quickly which then makes you think differently about a situation. This is a much easier and more natural way of dealing with problems. They also understand that people are not just 'hypnotic' which is why their sessions also address thinking styles and how to change them in order to encourage healthy behavior in the future.





Brain Sync Brainwave Therapy


According to Kelly Howell, the creator of Brain Sync, meditation CDs and guided imagery techniques are proven to significantly improve mental performance. Brain Sync users have experienced the powerful benefits of deep meditation to accelerate healing, learning, recovery and personal growth. The brainwave technology blends advanced meditation techniques with harmonically layered binaural beat frequencies. Try these beneficial guided meditations by Kelly, who Body Mind Spirit magazine called "The best voice in guided meditation".



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