7 Power Habits That Will Improve Your Life Immediately

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Whether we realize it or not, most of what we accomplish in life is a result of our habits - good habits or not-so-good habits. To that end, if we want to be successful in any area of our lives, it is in our best interests to develop the most effective, success-promoting habits possible.

Here are 7 power habits that, once implemented, will improve your life immediately:

1. Take care of yourself. Nothing else in life will matter if you are in poor health, have no energy, or project a negative or downer attitude. Successful people work out, eat healthily and take care of themselves on every level possible. There is no substitute for feeling good and knowing you’re in a position to give your best effort. Taking care of yourself is a must for success in anything and everything you endeavor to undertake.

2. Cultivate and maintain a productive attitude/mindset. Never underestimate the impact of your attitude or mindset. How you approach each day and the challenges you encounter will inevitably directly affect your outcome.

For example, if you wake up feeling that nothing works out for you, that the world is against you, that life is unfair, or that no one supports you – make no mistake, nothing will work out and it will seem like everything is against you.

On the other hand, if you begin the day with a 'can do' mindset, one that says you will take on with gusto whatever comes your way, it will feel like nothing is impossible. Even if everything doesn't work out as planned, you will know that you gave it your best.

3. Challenge yourself. There is nothing like challenging yourself mentally, physically, and intellectually to clear out those proverbial cobwebs. When you challenge yourself you remain alert, ready, and capable to tackle adversity and obstacles.

Additionally, you put yourself in the best position to prevail and overcome. Ways to challenge yourself mentally, include learning a new skill, playing chess, Sudoku, or working out crossword puzzles. Not only do these activities sharpen your mental skills, they are also fun!

For intellectual challenge, it's beneficial to read or explore anything that makes you think or look at a situation in a new way. Reading the works of scientists, philosophers and psychologists is both interesting and intellectually stimulating.

Physically you can challenge yourself by incorporating some resistance and cardiovascular exercises into your routine. Resistance exercises build muscle, while cardiovascular exercises such as walking, jogging, or climbing stairs boost your metabolism, strengthen your heart, and generally improve your overall well-being. Being fit and in shape has the benefit of enhancing both your mental and physical health.

4. Engage with others. When we engage with others we open up ourselves to new experiences, expand our knowledge and deepen human connection. Studies have shown that as social beings when we interact with others, it changes the circuit activity and neurotransmitters in our brains. It decreases stress and anxiety while increasing calm and happy feelings (oxytocin, referred to often as the love hormone, is released when we bond with others).

5. Recommit to self-discipline. Every now and then we all fall off the self- discipline wagon; however, after doing so, we have to remind ourselves that to accomplish anything, or sustain a high level of performance we must recommit to self-discipline.

As mentioned in my article Self-Discipline - The Foundation for Success, not only does self-discipline allow you to reach your goals in a reasonable time frame, it makes it possible to live a more orderly and satisfying life. Successful people practice the power habit of self-discipline.

6. Expand your comfort zone. Expanding your comfort zone allows you to test your limits and tap into your inner, sometimes undiscovered, resources. When you're willing to venture beyond that which is safe and comfortable, you increase what is possible. Conversely, not trying new things or playing it too safe causes stagnation and thwarts creativity and innovation.

7. Set up a power habit journal. Setting up a power habit journal is a great way to remind yourself of your successes and to motivate you to continue to stretch your talents and abilities. Journaling also documents and articulates your dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

This power habit invariably helps you stay focused and mindful of your goals. Other benefits of maintaining a power journal include increased awareness, promotion of growth and the establishing of clarity.

If you take the time to incorporate these 7 Power Habits as a regular part of your routine, you will experience the positive results that lead to continued and sustainable personal success.

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