About the Author

about the authorMy name is Zorka Hereford and I'm the author of Essential Life Skills.net. I appreciate the opportunity to share my insights, discoveries and knowledge with you.

According to my parents and every memory I have of myself, I have always been an endlessly curious person.

From the time I could talk I was always going around asking - why? why? why? until I nearly drove everyone crazy. I had to have answers to everything and everything had to fit into my concept of the world, life and myself. What's so strange about that? Apparently, more than I thought.

As I later discovered, it is very easy for people to get caught up in the motion of everyday life and not spend too much time thinking about behind the scenes quandaries like "who am I?" and "what am I doing here"?

Luckily for me, my family did not own a television until I was about eleven years old. Not surprisingly, having no television to distract me helped cultivate my love of reading and, in turn, my mission to devour every book I could get my hands on. 

We happened to live near a beautiful 16th Century Tudor style library/art gallery (a work of art in itself) where my brothers, sister and I would go every Saturday to check out new books and enjoy the artwork.

Looking back, I realize those days lay the foundation for my avid pursuit of knowledge in the humanities - the exploring, assessing and intrpreting of the human experience.

After earning a liberal arts degree with studies in philosophy and psychology, I worked a combined twenty years for a top financial institution and a number one communications company where I was fortunate to acquire a broad spectrum leadership, customer service, and instructional skills. I also hold a college degree in business management.

My Books

Essential Life Skills the Book"9 Essential Life Skills - A Guide for Personal Development and Self-Realization" is the result and coming to full circle of my curiosity, academic background, work, and life experiences.

Here I have just touched upon the essential life skills so I welcome you to learn more about them in my new book/guide.

It is available in a soft cover or e-book!

The Ultimate Guide for Achieving Self-Acceptance Self-Love and Self-Confidence

Enjoy also my latest - The Ultimate Guide for Achieving Self-Acceptance Self-Love and Self-Confidence.

Even if you think you're already fairly self-confident it will give you new tips and perspectives.

If you any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Thank You.

Z. Hereford