Caring Compassion Charity

Although I'm not a blogger, as such, I have been tagged by Todd formerly of 'We The Change' to share one or two causes that "make my palms sweat, my heart bleed, and send tears rolling down my cheeks".

This venture was initiated by Alex Shaman (formerly of 'Practical Personal Development') and is called Caring Compassion Charity.

Caring compassion charity
Unfortunately there are far too many causes that make my palms sweat, my heart bleed and send tears rolling down my cheeks. There is much cruelty, injustice and heartbreak in the world, some that we can immediately do something about, and much that we cannot.

A cause that I feel strongly about and one that can lessen all the others when pursued with commitment and for the benefit of others, is EDUCATION.

If we as a society commit to providing better educational opportunities to not only those from comfortable, well-to-do homes, but also to those who are less privileged, we could change the world step by step.

Knowledge is power and with the power of knowledge we can work towards eliminating hunger, injustice, poverty and war. Of course this wouldn't happen overnight, but every journey begins with the first step.

By educating everyone as much as possible we would better be able to:

Preserve the environment. Now more than ever our earth needs attention and care. Through ignorance and neglect we have harmed our environment and depleted many natural resources. It's time to take responsibility and give back some of what we wasted.

Have tolerance and respect for others. With the world becoming a much smaller place due to instant communication, advanced technology and faster transportation, we must learn to get along. We are no longer as divided geographically as we once were; consequently we are much closer to each other. Because of this new proximity, we are challenging and being challenged by different lifestyles, beliefs and values. We must learn to understand and respect our differences.

Honor human rights. With a seemingly smaller world, we are more aware of how some of our neighbors are treating their citizens. If we can educate everyone to treat their fellow human beings as equals and as deserving of the same opportunities, the world would become a better, freer place.  

Develop happy, productive individuals who become happy, helpful world citizens. When we fully educate our young people they become more productive and more likely to reach their potential. When they are happy and content with themselves they invariably have a higher level of social consciousness and are more motivated to contribute to and help others.

Achieve greater advancements in fields of academic, scientific and technological studies. The better and broader our educational systems, the higher the levels of excellence in all fields can be attained, including the arts, the sciences, health and technology. This in turn, generates an enhanced, higher quality of life for everyone.

As you can see, the greater the number of people that are given the opportunity for a better, broader education, the greatly improved the social and economic conditions will be for everyone on individual, national and global levels.

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