The Law of Attraction - A Different Take

law of attractionGiven the popularity of The Secret lately and the concept of the Law of Attraction it has promoted, I can no longer avoid mentioning it even though I find the focus on it somewhat misleading.

Up to this point I have deliberately avoided writing about it because I feel that rather than promoting personal growth and development, it can impede it due to unrealistic expectations.

The Law of Attraction is not a new concept, however it has been made even more popular by the best selling DVD and book The Secret.

The Secret as a DVD and book has been well packaged and marketed. It promises you can have all the money you want, good health, great relationships, and an abundance of happiness (if you buy it and learn The Secret of course).

The Secret, itself, is to think positively and become a magnet for the goals you desire by using the law of attraction to make all your dreams come true.

Can it really be that easy? Why do we look for the easy way out?

Are we here to gratify ourselves or are we here to grow and learn?

Fundamentally I believe in the concept of the Law of Attraction, in that, you attract what you focus on most intently and that positive thoughts attract positive circumstances, while negative thoughts attract negative circumstances. What I find much harder to determine are the complexities and intricacies that make it happen.

For instance, one wonders how certain tragic and difficult situations come about in people's lives. Surely they don't take place because they were desired or invited?

Who wants to get hit by a car, contract cancer or be physically abused? Even if a person attracts the circumstance subconsciously, as they suggest in The Secret, how did they? Could there be more complex causes and effects that we don't have to ability to comprehend or explain?

If it's so easy to desire and focus your way into riches, perfect health and happiness, why aren't there more happy, healthy, abundant people in the world?

Because it's not that simple.

The truth is, we really need to work on personal growth and development. We must develop the skills and capabilities associated with personal success and accomplishment. Wishing and wanting, or implementing the law of attraction, does not in itself achieve success and happiness. Action, application of skills, and working to reach your full potential as a human being does.

Of course there are many wonderful tools that we can use along the way such as visualization, affirmations, positive thinking and reading inspiring literature , however, nothing happens overnight, and steady, focused application is the answer. Using these strategies and tools is what actually helps attract the desired circumstances.

When you apply yourself and work on your personal growth and development you automatically:

  • Acquire wisdom, knowledge and insight because you develop your intellect.

  • Obtain abundance because you use your unique talents and abilities to contribute to others.

  • Enjoy great health because you exercise, get plenty of rest and seek balance in your life.

  • Attract your ideal mate because you are confident, independent and reliable.

  • Have healthy relationships with family and friends because you are happy with yourself. You know you work hard at being the best you can be so you have much to offer to others.

  • Attract favorable circumstances because you are positive, proactive and in control of yourself and your life.

  • Are a role model and example to others, especially young people who need your guidance and direction.

  • Offer hope to others who need something to aspire to. Too many people think taking the easy way out is the answer and they become disillusioned when things don't work out. By being a person of action and integrity you can help guide them in the right direction.

Yes it's true that you attract circumstances in your life by your thoughts, so make them thoughts of responsibility, integrity and a desire to help others. Be a shining example of optimism and positive action. As James Allen so aptly said:

"Circumstance does not make the man. It reveals him to himself"

Go ahead and attract things too, but don't do it at the expense of your personal development. Ultimately you will attract the circumstances that reflect who you really are, so make yourself the best you can be.


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