resilienceResilience is our ability to regain original form and to thrive and fulfill potential in spite of adversity or difficult circumstances.

When life situations get out of kilter, it is the one quality and skill we need most to get us through the difficult times. To be resilient means we are able to remain stable and function in the face of disruption and chaos.

It means we can continue with every day tasks, remain balanced, and bounce back quickly from hard times.

Resilience can be described as an emotional muscle which we all posses to some degree. With determination and practice we can develop and strengthen it even further. Being aware of why we need it and how important it is can encourage us to work on increasing it.

Build Resilience by:

Maintaining balance and flexibility in your life 

Taking care of your physical and mental health; nurturing yourself 

Learning to deal with problems and stressful situations 

Maintaining good relationships with loved ones for support and encouragement

Examples of adversity that require resilience:

  • being diagnosed with a serious illness

  • losing your job

  • recovering from a failed relationship

  • maintaining a balance between work and family life

  • dealing with difficult people

When we are resilient we are optimistic , confident, proactive and we know we have control of our lives.

We know that when we exercise faith, perseverance and diligence, things change for the better. 

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