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What's New for This Month?

Be sure to check here periodically to see what's new for your information and enjoyment. I'll be updating some sections and adding new and relevant articles in others, so stay tuned! If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them on the contact page.

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Suggested Reading for New Beginnings:


Effective Goal Setting

Develop Good Habits in 7 Simple Steps

Benefits of Regular Excercise





Personal Development Articles

How to Stop Worrying

Tips On Overcoming Procrastination (at Ezine Articles)

Inspiration Café

Quotes on Life Lessons

Quotes on Living Well


The Wonder of Poetry 

The Raven - by Edgar Allen Poe is probably his most famous work. It is a narrative poem first published in January 1845 and noted for its musicality, artistic language and supernatural mood.

Edgar Allen Poe Quotes - Although Edgar Allan Poe's life was a short one, he left a large legacy of wisdom and quotes. 


In Memory of Major Robert Gregory - William Butler Yeats' elegy to his good friend and a tribute to all young men who died too young fighting for their countries. 


William Butler Yeats Quotes - Enjoy these inspiring and wise quotes from one of Ireland's greats!

Philosopher's Corner



Although Albert Camus did not consider himself a philosopher and actually opposed systematic philosophy, his views helped give rise to the philosophy known as absurdism.

Albert Camus Quotes - Enjoy the rich array of quotes from Camus!

Alfred Tarski is widely considered one of the greatest logicians of the twentieth century. His work is fundamental to modern philosophy of language and philosophical logic.


George Berkeley Quotes - It has been a while since I wrote about the philosophy of George Berkeley. Here finally are some of his most wise and insightful quotes.












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